Course - American History to 1865

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Course Details[edit]

American History to 1865
Professor: Rushdoony, Dr. R. J.
Course: American History to 1865
Part of: Subject:History
Total Lessons: 35
Total Length: 25.0 Hours
Original Transcriptions: Location

Course Lessons[edit]

Lesson List
Lesson TitleLessonLengthTrack
Motives of Discovery and Exploration I - RR144A110:39:56699
Motives of Discovery and Exploration II - RR144A220:43:34700
Mercantilism - RR144B330:41:10701
Feudalism - Monarchies and ColoniesThe Fairfax Resolves 1-8 - RR144B440:33:56702
The Fairfax Resolves 9-24 - RR144C550:43:52703
The Declaration of Independence and Articles of Confederation 1 - RR144C660:43:54704
The Declaration of Independence and Articles of Confederation 2 - RR144D770:37:04705
The US Constitution I - RR144D880:37:53706
The US Constitution II - RR144E0990:41:49707
De Tocqueville on Inheritance and Society - RR144E10100:43:50708
Voluntary Associations and the Tithe - RR144F11110:43:38709
Eschatology and History - RR144F12120:32:59710
Postmillennialism and the War of Independence - RR144G13130:43:38711
The Tyranny of the Majority - RR144G14140:44:00712
De Tocqueville on Race Relations in America - RR144H15150:45:42713
The Federalist Administrations - RR144H16160:43:56714
The Voluntary Church - I - RR144J17170:45:19715
The Voluntary Church - II - RR144J18180:47:29716
The Jefferson Administration - the Tripolitan War and the War of 1812 - RR144K19190:47:01717
Religious Voluntarism on the Frontier - I - RR144K20200:45:59718
Religious Voluntarism on the Frontier - II - RR144L21210:47:00719
The Monroe and Polk Doctrines - RR144L22220:40:49720
Voluntarism and Social Reform - RR144M23230:40:01721
Voluntarism and Politics - RR144M24240:46:04722
Chief Justice John Marshall Problems of Political Voluntarism - RR144N25250:47:14723
Andrew Jackson His Monetary Policy - RR144N26260:38:47724
The Mexican War of 1846 - Calhouns Disquisition - RR144P27270:46:56725
De Tocqueville on Democratic Culture - RR144P28280:46:35726
De Tocqueville on Equality and Individualism - RR144Q29290:46:43727
Manifest Destiny - RR144Q30300:37:35728
The Coming of the Civil War - RR144R31310:47:01729
De Tocqueville on the Family - RR144R32320:47:04730
De Tocqueville on Democracy and Power - RR144S33330:35:00731
The Interpretation of History - I - RR144S34340:47:10732
The Interpretation of History - II - RR144T35350:38:34733

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