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Course Details[edit]

Christian Reconstruction
Professor: Rushdoony, Dr. R. J.
Course: Christian Reconstruction
Part of: Subject:Christian Reconstruction
Total Lessons: 2
Total Length: 1.4 Hours
Original Transcriptions: Location

Course Lessons[edit]

Lesson List
Lesson TitleLessonLengthTrack
Apologetics - I - RR103A110:57:071
Dynamic Christian Hospitality and Strangers - RR166A150:26:0110
Who Shall Be Lord Challenge of Books of Acts - RR166A260:33:5011
The Biblical Basis for Christian Reconstruction - RR167A170:33:2712
Necessity for Christian Education - RR167A280:18:1613
Condition of Christianity - RR168A190:43:3714
The Future of Christianity - RR168A2100:44:1115
The Future of Politics - RR169A1110:33:0916
The Future of Law - RR169A2120:31:3617
A Theology of Resistance and Victory - RR145A111:18:4218
Government Under God - RR145A220:46:5919
Apologetics - II - RR103A220:57:382
The Atonement - Christian Resistance and Tools of Dominion - RR145B330:46:3420
The Problem of Guilt and Restitution - RR145B441:32:1621
Sabbaths (Questions and Answers) - RR145C550:59:0122
Tithing (Questions and Answers) - RR145C661:20:2523
Lordship - RR145D771:20:1524
Apologetics - III - RR103B330:58:023
Christian Reconstruction 1 - RR155A110:40:474
Christian Reconstruction 2 - RR155A220:43:155
Strategy for Christian Reconstruction - RR164A110:27:056
Resurrection - Communion and the Family - RR164A221:02:437
Biblical Importance of an Empowered Family - RR165A130:37:488
The Future of the Family - RR165A240:35:269

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