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Course Details[edit]

Professor: Rushdoony, Dr. R. J.
Course: Deuteronomy
Part of: Subject:Pentateuch
Year: 1992
Total Lessons: 110
Total Length: 55.6 Hours
Original Transcriptions: Location

Course Lessons[edit]

Lesson List
Lesson TitleLessonLengthTrack
The Covenant Prologue - RR187A110:28:121058
God and Government - RR187A220:31:191059
History as Instruction - RR187B330:37:261060
God and Justice - RR187B440:39:011061
The Ban - Deuteronomy - RR187C550:32:441062
Fear and Justice - RR187C660:35:181063
Life and Obedience - RR187D770:37:271064
Last Words - RR187D880:32:171065
The Vision of God - RR187E0990:30:051066
Obedience and Life - RR187E10100:30:301067
God's Law as a Refuge - RR187F11110:27:521068
Freedom under Gods Law - RR187F12120:29:341069
None Other Gods - RR187G13130:18:021070
The Worship of Images - RR187G14140:29:471071
Taking Gods Name in Vain - RR187H15150:34:301072
Guarding the Lords Day - RR187H16160:25:001073
Honoring Life - RR187J17170:35:121074
Guarding Life - RR187J18180:30:401075
Guarding the Family - RR187K19190:29:101076
Guarding Property - RR187K20200:32:271077
Truth and Community - RR187L21210:28:391078
The Lawless Mind - RR187L22220:27:451079
The Whole Truth - RR187M23230:24:041080
Sharpened Knowledge - RR187M24240:30:281081
The Free Society - RR187N25250:26:151082
The Ban - RR187N26260:28:171083
The Covenant and Mercy - RR187P27270:25:461084
The Abomination - RR187P28280:36:081085
The God who Humbles Us - RR187Q29290:40:041086
The Coming of the Great Prophet - RR187Q30300:33:041087
Sovereignty in History - RR187R31310:29:011088
Priest - Prophet and Self-Satisfaction - RR187R32320:32:411089
Programming God - RR187S34340:34:411091
Judgment in History - RR187T35350:32:521092
God and the Weather - RR187T36360:30:171093
Cultural Stability - RR187U37370:34:231094
The Requirement of Obedience - RR187U38380:26:191095
Exclusive Allegiance - RR187V39390:24:581096
The Levites - RR187V40400:20:561097
Forsake Not the Levites - RR187W41410:41:531098
Obedience vs Abomination - RR187W42420:33:551099
Treason 1 - RR187X43430:32:331100
Treason 2 - RR187X44440:34:071101
Holiness - RR187Y45450:31:411102
Towards the New Creation - RR187Y46460:23:251103
The Year of Release - RR187Z47470:30:591104
Prayer And Alms - RR187Z48480:26:551105
The Charitable Society - RR187AA49490:31:061106
Passover and Unleavened Bread - RR187AA50500:31:431107
The Days of our Lives - RR187AB51510:24:471108
Redeeming the Time - RR187AB52520:29:351109
Time and Justice - RR187AC53530:26:581110
Treason and Tyranny - RR187AC54540:28:581111
The Supreme Court - RR187AD55550:30:371112
Monarchy vs Theocracy - RR187AD56560:32:441113
Kingdom Support - RR187AE57570:23:111114
Being Perfect - RR187AE58580:35:101115
Prophets - RR187AF59590:35:431116
Cities of Refuge - RR187AF60600:34:041117
Abuses of Law - RR187AG61610:28:411118
Perjury - RR187AG62620:27:341119
Warfare - RR187AH63630:24:371120
The Rules of Warfare - RR187AH64640:32:361121
Unsolved Murder - RR187AJ65650:27:591122
War and Women - RR187AJ66660:29:171123
Inheritance - RR187AK67670:34:451124
Habitual Criminals - RR187AK68680:33:351125
Holy Order - RR187AL69690:39:441126
Gods Order - RR187AL70700:32:321127
Fidelity and Truth - RR187AM71710:30:301128
The Family and Its Centrality - RR187AM72720:36:501129
Membership in the Congregation - RR187AN73730:35:301130
God in the Camp - RR187AN74740:27:231131
Access to God - RR187AP75750:27:201132
Usury and Charity - RR187AP76760:24:411133
Vows - RR187AQ77770:24:181134
The Law of Kindness - RR187AQ78780:26:441135
Divorce and the Family - RR187AR79790:26:141136
Marriage and the Family - RR187AR80800:25:071137
The Protection of the Helpless - RR187AS81810:31:361138
The Stealer of Life - RR187AS82820:33:061139
Quarantine and Community - RR187AT83830:30:031140
A Righteousness Unto Thee - RR187AT84840:23:491141
Justice vs Process - RR187AU85850:28:281142
Justice and Responsibility - RR187AU86860:35:091143
Justice and World Law - RR187AV87870:36:161144
Community and Charity - RR187AV88880:30:271145
The Stable Society - RR187AW89890:30:101146
The Unmuzzled Ox - RR187AW90900:30:481147
The Levirate - RR187AX91910:35:231148
The Limits on Pity - RR187AX92920:29:131149
Life and Pity - RR187AY93930:26:101150
Family and Trade - RR187AY94940:24:331151
Remember - RR187AZ95950:26:041152
History and Liturgy - RR187AZ96960:29:401153
Memory and Tithing - RR187BA97970:30:551154
The Conditional Covenant - RR187BA98980:29:541155
Altar and Law - RR187BB99990:27:211156
The Locale of Power and Grace - RR187BB1001000:33:361157
Blessings - Deuteronomy - RR187BC1011010:27:491158
Curses - RR187BC1021020:32:321159
That Ye Might Know - RR187BD1031030:23:421160
Obedience - RR187BD1041040:29:471161
The Solution - RR187BE1051050:25:491162
Covenant Renewals - RR187BE1061060:25:251163
Imagination and Memory - RR187BF1071070:32:101164
The Song of Moses - RR187BF1081080:42:321165
Blessings - RR187BG1091090:33:351166
The Death of Moses - RR187BG1101100:26:401167

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