Course - Exodus; Unity of Law and Grace

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Course Details[edit]

Exodus; Unity of Law and Grace
Professor: Rushdoony, Dr. R. J.
Course: Exodus; Unity of Law and Grace
Part of: Subject:Pentateuch
Total Lessons: 128
Total Length: 70.7 Hours
Original Transcriptions: Location

Course Lessons[edit]

Lesson List
Lesson TitleLessonLengthTrack
From Slavery to Freedom - RR171A110:32:211168
The Oppression Begins - RR171A220:40:361169
The War Against Children - RR171B330:30:211170
Gods Man - Moses - RR171B440:37:571171
Moses as the Man of Justice - RR171C550:30:371172
The Source of Law and Justice - RR171C660:31:451173
The Burning Bush - RR171D770:30:261174
Our Lords Exodus at Jerusalem - Exodus Unity of Law and Grace - RR171D880:29:271175
What is His Name - RR171E0990:39:001176
Indemnification Promised - RR171E10100:42:331177
The Day of Gods Vengeance - RR171F11110:31:261178
I Will Be With Thy Mouth - RR171F12120:33:001179
Calling Versus Presumption - RR171G13130:35:181180
Thus Saith the Lord - RR171G14140:38:121181
The Loneliness of Moses - RR171H15150:34:391182
The Name of God - RR171H16160:32:241183
The New Leadership - RR171J17170:39:211184
Gods Way - RR171J18180:23:151185
Lying Wonders - RR171K19190:31:391186
The First Plague - RR171K20200:29:411187
The Second Plague - RR171L21210:33:131188
The Third Plague - RR171L22220:33:491189
The Fourth Plague - RR171M23230:31:261190
The Fifth Plague - RR171M24240:30:271191
The Sixth Plague - RR171N25250:36:381192
The Seventh Plague - RR171N26260:31:561193
The Eighth Plague - RR171P27270:34:391194
The Ninth Plague - RR171P28280:30:111195
The Tenth Plague 1 - RR171Q29290:34:491196
The Tenth Plague 2 - RR171Q30300:39:581197
The Tenth Plague 3 - Blood and Blessing - RR171R31310:26:301198
The Tenth Plague 4 - Unleavened Bread - RR171R32320:29:281199
The Tenth Plague 5 - RR171S33330:25:481200
The Tenth Plague 6 - Death of the Firstborn - RR171S34340:33:261201
Curses and Blessings - RR171T35350:28:211202
Times of Observance - RR171T36360:32:321203
The Priority of Grace - RR171U37370:27:231204
Meaning of the First Born - RR171U38380:28:271205
Feast of Unleavened Bread - RR171V39390:25:591206
Consecration of the Firstborn - RR171V40400:29:091207
The Firstborn of Every Creature - RR171W41410:34:591208
The Bones of Joseph - RR171W42420:30:481209
The Pillars of Gods Glory - RR171X43430:42:171210
Entrapment - RR171X44440:31:101211
The Salvation of the Lord - RR171Y45450:32:121212
Gods Honor and Glory - RR171Y46460:28:281213
Judgment in the Red Sea - RR171Z47470:28:331214
The Song of Moses - Exodus Unity of Law and Grace - RR171Z48480:34:581215
The First Statute - RR171AA49490:28:241216
Probation - RR171AA50500:33:251217
Manna - RR171AB51510:39:091218
Manna and the Sabbath - RR171AB51510:39:091218
Our Lords Exodus at Jerusalem - RR171AC53530:34:331220
Massah and Meribah - RR171AC54540:40:591221
Amalek - Exodus Unity of Law and Grace - RR171AD55550:34:001222
Jethro - RR171AD56560:33:351223
Justice and Its Administration - RR171AE57570:42:291224
The Covenant and Justice - RR171AE58580:29:231225
Prepare for the Lawgiving - RR171AF59590:30:411226
The First Commandment - RR171AF60600:35:411227
The Second Commandment - RR171AG61610:37:171228
The Third Commandment - RR171AG62620:33:241229
The Fourth Commandment - RR171AH63630:37:051230
The Fifth Commandment - RR171AH64640:23:411231
The Sixth Commandment - RR171AJ65650:29:581232
The Seventh Commandment - RR171AJ66660:37:301233
The Eighth Commandment - RR171AK67670:33:191234
The Ninth Commandment - RR171AK68680:30:321235
The Tenth Commandment - RR171AL69690:33:271236
The Fear of God - RR171AL70700:28:461237
Approaching God - RR171AM71710:34:551238
Dependency - RR171AM72720:34:351239
The Death Penalty - RR171AN73730:35:001240
Laws of Liberty - RR171AN74740:38:531241
Laws of Liberty II - RR171AP75750:31:551242
Laws of Liability and Restitution 1 - RR171AP76760:34:471243
Laws of Liability and Restitution 2 - RR171AQ77770:33:051244
Laws of Liability and Restitution 3 - RR171AQ78780:30:511245
Laws of Liability and Restitution 4 - RR171AR79790:34:481246
Laws of Liability and Restitution 5 - RR171AR80800:32:171247
Gods Justice - RR171AS81810:30:551248
The Sabbath Rest - RR171AS82820:31:551249
Festivals of Faith - RR171AT83830:39:361250
The Angel of the Lord - RR171AT84840:25:291251
Hornets and Snares - RR171AU85850:29:281252
The Sealing of the Covenant - RR171AU86860:40:131253
The Covenant Meal - RR171AV87870:32:291254
The Tabernacle - RR171AV88880:32:311255
The Ark and the Mercy Seat - RR171AW89890:33:361256
The Table of the Show Bread - RR171AW90900:33:011257
The Candlestick or Lampstand - RR171AX91910:31:441258
The Curtains - RR171AX92920:35:371259
Boards and Veil - RR171AY93930:38:181260
The Altar - RR171AY94940:36:041261
The Court and the Oil - RR171AZ95950:38:331262
The Spirit of Wisdom - RR171AZ96960:33:201263
The Ephod - RR171BA97970:26:201264
The Breastplate - RR171BA98980:31:531265
Urim and Thummim - RR171BB99990:32:071266
The Robe - RR171BB1001000:30:331267
The Plate of the Mitre - RR171BC1011010:35:101268
The Consecration 1 - RR171BC1021020:33:141269
The Consecration 2 - RR171BD1031030:31:491270
The Consecration 3 - RR171BE1051050:30:161272
The Altar of Incense - RR171BE1061060:32:181273
The Pole Tax - RR171BF1071070:38:531274
The Laver - RR171BF1081080:36:151275
The Oil and the Perfume - RR171BG1091090:34:561276
The Spirit-Filled Men - RR171BG1101100:29:501277
Sabbath Keeping - RR171BH1111110:41:291278
The Golden Calf I - RR171BH1121120:35:591279
The Golden Calf II - RR171BJ1131130:32:211280
The Golden Calf III - RR171BJ1141140:30:091281
The Altered Plan - RR171BK1151150:36:291282
The Glory of God - Exodus Unity of Law and Grace - RR171BK1161160:35:201283
The Covenant Renewed I - RR171BL1171170:40:221284
The Covenant Renewed II - RR171BL1181180:31:291285
The Face of Moses - RR171BM1191190:31:441286
The Sabbath - RR171BM1201200:31:301287
The Gifts for the Tabernacle - RR171BN1211210:39:451288
The Wise and the Willing-Hearted - RR171BN1221220:33:431289
The Restraint - RR171BP1231230:34:131290
The Fabric of the World - RR171BP1241240:33:161291
The Center 1 - RR171BQ1251250:31:421292
The Center 2 - RR171BQ1261260:34:531293
The Center 3 - RR171BR1271270:23:511294
The Center 4 - RR171BR1281280:31:171295

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