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Course Details[edit]

From the Easy Chair
Professor: Rushdoony, Dr. R. J.
Course: From the Easy Chair
Part of: Subject:Conversations and Sermons
Total Lessons: 214
Total Length: 210.0 Hours
Original Transcriptions: Location

Course Lessons[edit]

Lesson List
Lesson TitleLessonLengthTrack
Religious Mentality of the Media - RR161A111:01:56152
Christian Schools - 1st Amendment - Economics - RR161A221:00:02153
Christian Economics - RR161B330:57:48154
Christian Research of South Africa - RR161B441:01:48155
Reconstruction in the Media and Arts - RR161C551:03:23156
Colloquy in Reconstruction Economics - RR161C661:00:59157
The Oil Situation - RR161S33331:01:54184
Christian Conciliatory Service - RR161AA49491:02:14200
Two Trips Behind the Iron Curtain - RR161AA50500:59:56201
The Culture of Modernism - RR161AB51511:03:06202
International Free Trade - Protectionism - RR161AB52521:02:18203
Death and Taxes I - RR161AC53531:00:23204
Death and Taxes II - RR161AC54541:00:12205
North Africa Today - RR161AD55551:04:13206
Money and Debt - RR161AD56561:03:00207
Marxism and Communism - RR161AE57571:00:03208
Charles Darwin and Evolution - RR161AE58581:01:05209
Inflation - RR161AF59591:02:48210
The New Paganism - RR161AF60601:01:51211
Pragmatism - RR161AG61611:01:26212
Profanity - RR161AG62620:58:45213
Work - Play and Rest - RR161AH63631:02:47214
Envy and Elitism - RR161AH64641:02:02215
The Great Depression - RR161AJ65650:56:55216
World War II Eye Witness - RR161AJ66660:57:50217
Cowardness and Courage - RR161AK67671:00:19218
Anti Christianism - RR161AK68680:57:44219
Colloquy on Education - RR161AL69691:02:01220
Presuppositions for Education - RR161AL70700:57:21221
Work - Job Experiences - RR161AM71711:01:59222
Medicine and Healing - RR161AM72720:59:37223
The Role of Business in Society - RR161AN73731:00:38224
Civil Disobedience - RR161AN74741:00:20225
The City - Urban Life - Its Meaning - Character and Background - RR161AP75750:57:41226
Science - RR161AP76760:56:02227
Crime - From the Easy Chair - RR161AQ77770:59:57228
Humor - RR161AQ78780:57:11229
Wealth - RR161AR79790:54:37230
Rights - RR161AR80800:55:29231
The Enlightenment - From the Easy Chair - RR161AS81810:57:10232
Models and Role Models or Heroes - RR161AS82820:53:19233
The Coming Nuclear Attack - RR161AT83830:54:19234
How People Cope with Tragedy - RR161AT84840:53:21235
Antichristianism - RR161AU85850:53:37236
Foreign Policy - RR161AU86860:55:25237
Defining Capitalism and Communism - RR161AV87870:56:56238
Fashion vs Reality - RR161AV88880:53:57239
The Enlightenment - RR161AW89890:58:07240
Books as They Relate to the World in Which We Live - RR161AW90900:57:32241
The City - RR161AX91910:56:10242
Property and Environmentalism - RR161AX92920:57:26243
Envy - RR161AY93930:56:24244
Truth - RR161AY94940:55:32245
Delegated Powers - RR161AZ95950:55:31246
Environment and Environmentalism - RR161AZ96960:54:59247
Problems Faced on the Mission Field - RR161BA97970:57:39248
The Third Party - Do We Need One - RR161BA98980:55:46249
Romania in 1989 - RR161BB99991:00:05250
Romania - Hungary and Sweden - 1989 - RR161BB1001000:58:29251
Tribal Work Ethic - RR161BC1011010:57:30252
Book Reviews of History - Church and State - RR161BC1021020:56:30253
Discussion of Recent Trip to Romania - RR161BD1031030:58:47254
Censorship - RR161BD1041040:54:57255
Modern Justice - Courts and Lawyers - RR161BE1051050:59:22256
Discussing Books and Ideas - RR161BE1061060:57:19257
Decadence and the New Age - RR161BF1071070:55:48258
The Media and Decadence - RR161BF1081080:54:04259
The State of American Literature - RR161BG1091090:59:44260
The Put Down - RR161BG1101100:55:57261
Anatoliy Golitsyn Communist Strategy of Deception - Misinformation - RR161BH1111111:00:43262
Cont Communist Strategy of Deception - Misinformation - RR161BH1121120:58:24263
Discussion of Movies - RR161BJ1131131:00:59264
Discussion of Art and Architecture - RR161BJ1141140:59:43265
Seeds of Change - RR161BK1151150:57:44266
Growing Attack on Property Rights - RR161BK1161160:55:37267
Education I - RR161BL1171170:58:59268
Education II - RR161BL1181180:58:58269
Oct 1990 Situation in Arabia - RR161BM1191191:00:03270
The Application of the Law - RR161BM1201200:58:18271
Peace - Christian vs Humanism (Middle East) - RR161BN1211210:54:50272
Christians and Politics in Washington DC - RR161BN1221220:53:21273
Important Books - RR161BP1231230:58:38274
Health - Mental and Physical - RR161BP1241240:56:16275
Hope for Monetary Reform - RR161BQ1251251:02:29276
Great Britain and its Place in the World Today - RR161BQ1261260:56:12277
Emerson - The Transcendentalist - RR161BS1271270:57:00278
Crime - RR161BS1281280:56:17279
Analysis of Education Past and Present - RR161BT1291290:50:19280
Masculinity and Femininity Contrasted - RR161BT1301300:55:46281
The Myth of Cultural Equality - RR161BU1311310:55:31282
The Global Economics - RR161BU1321320:54:16283
Remarkable People We Have Known 1 - RR161BV1331330:59:44284
Remarkable People We Have Known 2 - RR161BV1341340:58:12285
Remarkable People We Have Known 3 - RR161BW1351350:57:23286
The Beginnings of the Modern Age 1660 to 1991 - RR161BW1361360:57:46287
Masculinity - RR161BX1371370:58:01288
Feminism - RR161BX1381380:57:16289
Law and Disorder - RR161BY1391391:00:15290
Culture and Subculture - RR161BY1401400:59:09291
Education and Boredom - RR161BZ1411410:57:19292
A Federal Police Force - RR161BZ1421420:59:58293
Federal Lands Privatized - RR161CA1431430:58:13294
America The Beautiful - RR161CA1441440:56:33295
Forbidden Discovery in Australia - RR161CB1451450:58:27296
Christianity in Australia - RR161CB1461460:58:54297
The Economic Scene in the 1990s - RR161CC1471471:00:31298
Books With the Most Influence - RR161CC1481480:58:30299

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