Course - Leviticus; The Law of Holiness and Grace

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Course Details[edit]

Leviticus; The Law of Holiness and Grace
Professor: Rushdoony, Dr. R. J.
Course: Leviticus; The Law of Holiness and Grace
Part of: Subject:Pentateuch
Total Lessons: 79
Total Length: 42.9 Hours
Original Transcriptions: Location

Course Lessons[edit]

Lesson List
Lesson TitleLessonLengthTrack
Law and Holiness - RR172A110:33:291296
Dedication - Atonement and Holiness - RR172A220:35:001297
Sacrifice and Conspicuous Waste - RR172B330:31:591298
The Meaning of Peace - RR172B440:31:371299
Responsibility - RR172C550:44:071300
Atonement and Freedom - RR172C660:41:531301
Atonement and Repentance - RR172D770:35:401302
Holy Burnt Offering - RR172D880:31:241303
Accidental Holiness - RR172E0990:27:481304
The Reparation Offering - RR172E10100:24:161305
Grace and Peace - RR172F11110:30:211306
Fat and Blood - Gods Claim on Us - RR172F12120:30:301307
Tithing and the Kingdom - RR172G13130:26:511308
The Priestly Calling - RR172G14140:24:021309
Consecration and Investiture - RR172H15150:31:221310
The Glory of the Lord - RR172H16160:28:401311
Sacrilege and Phariseeism - RR172J17170:36:571312
Phariseeism and the Law - RR172J18180:42:011313
Why Ye Will Die - RR172K19190:23:261314
Clean and Unclean - RR172K20200:21:281315
Immunity - RR172L21210:28:481316
Diet and Religion - RR172L22220:28:021317
The Churching of Women - RR172M23230:22:371318
The Laws of Leprosy - RR172M24240:25:381319
The Ritual of Cleansing - RR172N25250:31:331320
Holiness and Health - RR172N26260:29:271321
The New Beginning - RR172P27270:33:421322
The Scope of the Atonement - RR172P28280:29:531323
Vicarious Atonement - RR172Q29290:33:311324
Atonement - Freedom and Justice - RR172Q30300:37:551325
Blood and Life - RR172R31310:40:421326
The Ground of Law - RR172R32320:28:271327
The Laws of Marriage - RR172S33330:28:341328
Sin and the Land - RR172S34340:33:451329
Abomination and Confusion - RR172T35350:31:001330
The Expulsion - RR172T36360:25:591331
Holiness and Community - RR172U37370:23:381332
Justice and Community - RR172U38380:30:411333
The Love of Our Neighbor - RR172V39390:34:371334
Boundaries and Confusion - RR172V40400:32:121335
Sexuality and Confusion - RR172W41410:35:491336
Circumcision - Trees and Us - RR172W42420:36:151337
Profanity - Leviticus - The Law of Holiness and Grace - RR172X43430:38:581338
Reverence - RR172X44440:29:421339
Molech Worship - RR172Y45450:40:341340
Profane Knowledge and Power - RR172Y46460:40:571341
Holiness and the Family - RR172Z47470:40:121342
Good and Evil Relations - RR172Z48480:29:281343
Covenant Faithfulness - RR172AA49490:28:371344
The Representatives of Life - RR172AA50500:34:541345
The High Priest and His Calling - RR172AB51510:37:141346
Discrimination - RR172AB52520:28:261347
Reverence and Gods Order - RR172AC53530:32:091348
The Unblemished Offering - RR172AC54540:37:491349
The Bread of God - RR172AD55550:34:341350
The Sabbath Rest - RR172AD56560:41:241351
The Meaning of Firstfruits - RR172AE57570:35:281352
Pentecost and Rest - RR172AE58580:35:521353
Service as Power - RR172AF59590:34:001354
The New Year - RR172AF60600:31:081355
The Day of Atonement - RR172AG61610:28:431356
The Feast of the Lord - RR172AG62620:33:221357
Sacred Objects - RR172AH63630:31:081358
Blasphemy - RR172AH64640:24:361359
Blasphemy and the Social Order - RR172AJ65650:31:121360
The Lands Sabbath - RR172AJ66660:30:091361
The Jubilee I - RR172AK67670:44:051362
The Jubilee II - RR172AK68680:33:081363
The Jubilee III - RR172AL69690:40:031364
The Jubilee IV - RR172AL70700:32:171365
The Jubilee V - RR172AM71710:37:101366
The Jubilee VI - RR172AM72720:28:421367
Jubilee and the Covenant I - RR172AN73730:28:161368
Jubilee and the Covenant II - RR172AN74740:34:581369

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