Course - Numbers; Faith, Law, and History

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Course Details[edit]

Professor: Rushdoony, Dr. R. J.
Course: Numbers; Faith, Law, and History
Part of: Subject:Pentateuch
Total Lessons: 66
Total Length: 36.3 Hours
Original Transcriptions: Location

Course Lessons[edit]

Lesson List
Lesson TitleLessonLengthTrack
The Purpose of Numbers - RR181A110:33:021375
The Military Census - RR181A220:40:041376
The Center - RR181B330:28:541377
The Levites - RR181B440:36:021378
Scepter of Dominion - RR181C550:30:451379
The Service of the Levites - RR181C660:30:141380
Purification and Restitution - RR181D770:32:181381
The Trial of Jealousy - RR181D880:33:171382
The Law of the Nazarite - RR181E0990:30:031383
Blessing the People - RR181E10100:26:381384
Offering of the Princess - RR181F11110:29:161385
The Consecration of the Levites - RR181F12120:30:251386
The Passover - RR181G13130:26:281387
Following the Lord - RR181G14140:30:121388
The Trumpets and Warfare - RR181H15150:40:471389
From Sinai to Paran - RR181H16160:27:441390
Moses Blessing - RR181J17170:33:231391
The Beginning of Complaints - RR181J18180:35:371392
Ingratitude - RR181K19190:34:001393
Rebellion Against God I - RR181K20200:30:481394
Rebellion Against God II - RR181L21210:30:571395
The Plague and the Quail - RR181L22220:28:521396
The Demand for Equality - RR181M23230:32:201397
The Spies - RR181M24240:37:001398
The Cowardice of the People - RR181N25250:33:211399
The Judgment on Hypocrisy - RR181N26260:27:091400
The Land and the Faith - RR181P27270:29:221401
Sins Unpremeditated and Premeditated - RR181P28280:34:081402
The Democratic Rebellion - RR181Q29290:37:171403
The Culture of Holiness - RR181Q30300:26:461404
The Culture of Rights - RR181R31310:31:061405
Aarons Rod - RR181R32320:39:011406
The Burden of Iniquity - RR181S33330:34:551407
Priests and People - RR181S34340:35:301408
The Inheritance of the Levites - RR181T35350:30:141409
The Levitical Tithe - RR181T36360:31:041410
The Meaning of the Red Heifer (Death) - RR181U37370:30:241411
The Waters of Meribah - RR181U38380:25:081412
Edoms Hostility - Aarons Death - RR181V39390:41:441413
The Fiery Serpents - RR181V40400:25:241414
Battles 1 - RR181W41410:36:371415
Battles 2 - RR181W42420:29:241416
Balaam and Gods Word - RR181X43430:32:471417
Balaams Prophesies - RR181X44440:32:391418
The Star Out of Jacob - RR181Y45450:29:461419
The Star Out of Jacob - Part 2 - RR181Y46460:35:051420
Amalek - RR181Z47470:30:211421
Phinehas - RR181Z48480:30:241422
The Second Census - RR181AA49490:43:351423
Law of Inheritance - RR181AB50500:42:031424
Leadership Succession - RR181AB51510:32:241425
Public Sacrifices - RR181AC52520:27:351426
Sabbaths - Time - and Focus - RR181AC53530:23:371427
The Religious Calendar - RR181AD54540:30:481428
The Feast of Trumpets - RR181AD55550:35:191429
Day of Atonement - RR181AE56560:39:161430
The Feast of Ingathering - RR181AE57570:36:341431
A Womans Vows - RR181AF58580:42:171432
War Against Midian - Part 1 - RR181AF59590:37:361433
War Against Midian - Part 2 - RR181AG60600:35:221434
Reuben - Gad and Manasseh - RR181AG61610:34:041435
Gods Promise - RR181AH62620:35:031436
The Division of the Land - RR181AH63630:37:581437
The Levitical Cities - RR181AJ64640:35:131438
Laws of Murder - RR181AJ65650:38:051439
Inheritance or Succession - RR181AK66660:33:511440

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