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Course Details[edit]

The Gospel of John
Professor: Rushdoony, Dr. R. J.
Course: The Gospel of John
Part of: Subject:Conversations and Sermons
Total Lessons: 70
Total Length: 35.6 Hours
Original Transcriptions: Location

Course Lessons[edit]

Lesson List
Lesson TitleLessonLengthTrack
The Word was Made Flesh I - RR197A110:35:30450
The Word was Made Flesh II - RR197A220:33:28451
A Man Sent From God I - RR197B330:33:12452
A Man Sent From God II - RR197B440:28:02453
Behold the Lamb of God - RR197C660:38:21455
The Beginning of Miracles - RR197C660:38:21455
The Cleansing of the Temple - RR197D770:28:44456
Nicodemus - RR197D880:29:14457
He Must Increase - RR197E0990:27:20458
The Woman at the Well - RR197E10100:30:02459
Gods Invasion Of History - RR197F11110:24:43460
The 2nd Miracle - The Sign of Life - RR197F12120:36:38461
The 3rd Miracle - The Sign of Grace - RR197G13130:35:04462
Christ the Center - RR197G14140:35:23463
The 4th Miracle - The Sign against Magic - RR197H15150:29:36464
The 5th Miracle - The Sign of Transcendence - RR197H16160:31:01465
The New Human Race - RR197K19170:27:07466
The Great Warfare - RR197K20180:25:55467
The Righteous Judgment - RR197L21190:32:35468
Living Water - RR197L22200:33:54469
Evil - RR197M23210:30:48470
The Woman Taken in Adultery - RR197M24220:35:22471
Resurrection and Ascension - RR197N25230:40:19472
The Question of Authority - RR197N26240:30:06473
Who Art Thou - RR197P27250:31:06474
Truth and Freedom - RR197P28260:30:36475
War against God - RR197Q29270:32:14476
The 6th Miracle - The Challenge - RR197Q30280:26:52477
The Sign of Truth - RR197R31290:30:26478
False Priorities - RR197R32300:30:46479
Blindness and Knowledge - RR197S33310:26:03480
Hearing His Voice - RR197S34320:32:23481
Enemies In and Out of the Church - RR197T35330:31:07482
The Credulity of the Ungodly - RR197T36340:23:16483
The Evidentialists - RR197U37350:32:26484
The Shepherd King - RR197U38360:31:44485
The Raising Of Lazarus - RR197V39370:30:19486
The Council and the Decision - RR197V40380:27:13487
In the Name of the Poor - RR197W41390:27:17488
The Triumphal Entry - RR197W42400:24:40489
The Rejection - RR197X43410:25:28490
His Commandment as Life - RR197X44420:29:23491
Foot Washing - RR197Y45430:27:42492
Know Ye What I Have Done To You - RR197Y46440:26:16493
The Betrayal - RR197Z47450:26:05494
The Glory of God - RR197Z48460:32:39495
The King Commands Petitions - RR197AA49490:28:55496
The Strengthened Promise - RR197AA50500:34:10497
The Vine and the Branches - RR197AB51510:21:56498
The Meaning of Biblical Love - RR197AB52520:27:30499
The Worlds Hatred - RR197AC53530:32:15500
The Avenging Spirit - RR197AC54540:31:17501

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