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Course Details[edit]

World History
Professor: Rushdoony, Dr. R. J.
Course: World History
Part of: Subject:History
Total Lessons: 23
Total Length: 18.0 Hours
Original Transcriptions: Location

Course Lessons[edit]

Lesson List
Lesson TitleLessonLengthTrack
Why History Is Important a - RR160A1a10:46:25749
Why History is Important b - RR160A1b20:31:38750
Israel - Egypt and the Ancient Near East - RR160A2a31:16:47751
Ancient History and Christianity a - RR160B3a40:46:25752
Ancient History and Christianity b - RR160B3b50:46:25753
Roman Republic and Empire a - RR160B4a60:46:24754
Roman Republic and Empire b - RR160B4b70:46:24755
Early Church - Byzantium a - RR160B5a80:46:24756
Early Church - Byzantium b - RR160B5b90:46:24757
Islam - The Frontier Age a - RR160B6a100:46:25758
Islam - The Frontier Age b - RR160B6b110:46:25759
New Humanism or Medieval Period a - RR160D7a120:46:25760
New Humanism or Medieval Period b - RR160D7b130:46:25761
From Renaissance (Humanism) To the Reformation a - RR160D8a140:46:23762
From Renaissance (Humanism) To the Reformation b - RR160D8b150:46:23763
Louis XIV - Revolution - Napoleon a - RR160E10a160:46:25764
Louis XIV - Revolution - Napoleon b - RR160E10b170:46:25765
Wars of Religion (so called) a - RR160E09a180:46:23766
Wars of Religion (so called) b - RR160E09b190:46:23767
England 18th and 19th Century a - RR160F11a200:46:25768
England - Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century b - RR160F11b210:46:25769
Twentieth Century a - RR160F12a220:46:23770
Twentieth Century b - RR160F12b230:46:23771

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