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Audio Lectures by Course in Alphabetical Order


American History to 1865

1. Motives of Discovery & Exploration I

2. Motives of Discovery & Exploration II

3. Mercantilism

4. Feudalism, Monarchy & Colonies/The Fairfax Resolves 1-8

5. The Fairfax Resolves 9-24

6. The Declaration of Independence & Articles of Confederation

7. George Washington: A Biographical Sketch

8. The U.S. Constitution, I

9. The U.S. Constitution, II

10. De Toqueville on Inheritance & Society

11. Voluntary Associations & the Tithe

12. Eschatology & History

13. Postmillennialism & the War of Independence

14. The Tyranny of the Majority

15. De Toqueville on Race Relations in America

16. The Federalist Administrations

17. The Voluntary Church, I

18. The Voluntary Church, II

19. The Jefferson Administration, the Tripolitan War & the War of 1812

20. Religious Voluntarism on the Frontier, I

21. Religious Voluntarism on the Frontier, II

22. The Monroe & Polk Doctrines

23. Voluntarism & Social Reform

24. Voluntarism & Politics

25. Chief Justice John Marshall: Problems of Political Voluntarism

26. Andrew Jackson: His Monetary Policy

27. The Mexican War of 1846/Calhouns Disquisition

28. De Toqueville on Democratic Culture

29. De Toqueville on Equality & Individualism

30. Manifest Destiny

31. The Coming of the Civil War

32. De Toqueville on the Family

33. De Toqueville on Democracy & Power

34. The Intepretation of History, I

35. The Intepretation of History, II


Apologetics - I

Apologetics - II

Apologetics - III

Aspects of American History

A Return to Slavery-Delivered July 1966

The American Indian-Delivered July 1966

America Belongs to Americas-Monroe Doctrine

Volunteerism in American Politics vs. Humanist Elitism

Of the People, By the People, and For the People-Delivered July 1965

Man in 1984 ORWELL Delivered November 6, 1965

Biblical Law and Society

We Live in Troubled Times (Q&A)

Which Reconstruction Movement (Q&A)

Biblical Law and the Great Commission

Operation Rescue, Christian Political Parties, Violence & Demons, Missions and Culture

Gods Law Requires Restitution

Restitution, Adultery, Psychology, ect...(Q&A)

Christian Education, Christian Schools

Religious Nature of Education or Can Education Be Neutral?

The Bible in the Curriculum: A Separate Subject or Foundation for Each Subject

Christian Discipline: Need for Training in the Home, School & Church

Relationship of the Look-Say Teaching to Idolatry (Same as SLB101A1)

Dangers Inherent in Public Education (Same as SLB101A2)

Home Schooling (Rushdoony, Blumenfeld, Otto Scott; same as SLB101B3)

Christian Reconstruction

Christian Reconstruction #1

Christian Reconstruction #2

Christian Reconstruction and the Future

Strategy For Christian Reconstruction

Resurrection, Communion & the Family.

Biblical Importance of an Empowered Family

The Future of the Family

Dynamic Christian Hospitality & Strangers

Who Shall be Lord? Challenge of Books of Acts

The Biblical Basis for Christian Reconstruction

Necessity For Christian Education

Condition of Christianity

The Future of Christianity

The Future of Politics

The Future of Law

Christian Reconstruction vs. Humanism

The Birth of the New Christian Order


How the Christian will Reconquer Through Economics; The Problem and the Very Great Hope

World of Humanism and Its Growing Collapse

Authority and Morality

Biblical Reconstruction


The Death of the Old Humanist Order

The Kingdom of God

Biblical Law & Our Faith

Money, Inflation and Morality

Trustee Family and Economics

Christian Resistance and Tools of Dominion

A Theology of Resistance and Victory

Government Under God

The Atonement

The Problem of Guilt and Restitution

Sabbaths (Questions and Answers)

Tithing (Questions and Answers)


Christian Schools

Messianic Character of American Education (Q & A)

The Influence of Socialism in American Education (Q & A)

Intellectual Schizophrenia (Q & A)

Christianity and Culture

Christianity and Culture PAST

Question and Answer

Christianity and Culture PRESENT

Christianity and Culture FUTURE Question and Answer

Christian Mandate in Parable on Gods Judgment

Church and Community in History

The Disappearing Cornerstone

The Basis for Covenant Community

Biblical Basis for Decentralization; Responsibility vs. Centralized Control

Church and Community. Questions and Answers

Classroom Lectures - Jackson Seminary

Time and God

Systematic Theology (Post Mill.)

Biblical Exposition (Post Mill.)

Calvinism: World and Life View

Contemporary Cultural Ethics

The New Absolutism

Ethics, Monastic or Militant?

Permanence and Change in Social Systems

Ethics and History

Ethics and Freedom

The Kingdom of God and Ethics

Dominion Man

Faith and Economics

Christianity and Politics

God's Central Institution

Anatomy for the Future

Contemporary Cultural Ethics; What is the World Coming to?

The New Absolutism

Ethics; Monastics or Militant

Permanence and Change in Social Systems

Ethics and History

Ethics and Freedom

Ethics and Dominion

Dominion Man

Anatomy of the Future

Daniel (In book form: Thy Kingdom Come, Craig Press)

The Offense of Daniel

The Terror of Dreams

The Continuation of God

Ritual Center of the Earth

The Balances of Justice

Sovereignty and Justice

The Course of Dominion

Perspective of History

Confusion of Faces

Liturgy of the Messiah

The Target

The Certainty of Victory


The Covenant Prologue

God and Government

History as Instruction

God and Justice

The Ban

Fear and Justice

Life and Obedience

Last Words

The Vision of God

Obedience and Life

God's Law as a Refuge

Freedom Under God's Law

None Other Gods

The Worship of Images

Taking God's Name in Vain

Guarding the Lord's Day

Honoring Life

Guarding Life

Guarding the Family

Guarding Property

Truth and Community

The Lawless Mind

The Whole Truth

Sharpened Knowledge

The Free Society

The Ban

The Covenant and the Mercy

The Abomination

The God Who Humbles Us

The Coming of the Great Prophet

Sovereignty in History

Priest, Prophet & Self Satisfaction

The Scope of History

Programming God

Judgment in History

God and the Weather

Cultural Stability

The Requirement of Obedience

Exclusive Allegiance

The Levites

Forsake Not the Levites

Obedience vs. Abomination

Treason #1

Treason #2


Towards the New Creation

The Year of Release

Prayer and Alms

The Charitable Society

Passover and Unleavened Bread

The Days of Our Lives

Redeeming the Time

Time and Justice

Treason and Tyranny

The Supreme Court

Monarchy vs. Theocracy

Kingdom Support

Being Perfect


Cities of Refuge (Waco)

Abuses of Law



The Rules of Warfare

Unsolved Murder

War and Women


Habitual Criminals

Holy Order

God's Order

Fidelity and Truth

The Family and Its Centrality

Membership in the Congregation

God in the Camp

Access to God

Usury and Charity


The Law of Kindness

Divorce and the Family

Marriage & the Family

The Protection of the Helpless

The Stealer of Life

Quarantine and Community

A Righteousness Unto Thee

Justice vs. Process

Justice and Responsibility

Justice and World Law

Community and Charity

The Stable Society

The Unmuzzled Ox

The Levirate

The Limits on Pity

Life and Pity

Family and Trade


History and Liturgy

Memory and Tithing

The Conditional Covenant

Altar and Law

The Locale of Power and Grace



That Ye Might Know


The Solution

Covenant Renewals

Imagination and Memory

The Song of Moses


The Death of Moses

Doctrine of Authority

Author and Authority

Mans Relationship to Authority

Power of His Resurrection

The Spirit of Adoption

Living Under Authority

Authority and Power

Undermining Authority

Authority and False Responsibility

Authority and Ministry

By What Authority

Purpose of Authority

The Source of Authority

Doctrine of Authority

The Cherubim

The Seraphim

Satanic Authority

Authority Justice and Man

The Power to Kill

Easy Chair Series

Our Relationship to the Past and the Future, Churchmen and the Past; Liberation Theology; David Estrada Herrero; Failure of Church; J. Marcellus Kik; Noble Savage; Suffering and a State of Grace; Bishop Tutu; Left and Anti-Semitism; Puritans and Modern Culture; Burned-over District; Government Subsidies; Farmer's Plight

Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Book Reviews, I

Book Reviews, II

Books Past and Present Which We Feel Are Worthy of Attention


Christian Charity

Christian Charity vs. Welfarism

Christian Fund-Raising

Christian Manhood

Christian Reconstruction in Action


Crime and the State

Culture and Child Rearing, I

Culture and Child Rearing, II


Dorothy Rushdoony's Birthday; Chicago Crime; Marc Rich; Contracts; Colonial Powers; Understanding Today's Culture; Kiss As Legal Act; Husband's Compliment to Wife; Supermarket Tabloids; Entrepre neurs; Hamilton Fish; Liberation Theology; David Estrada Herrero; Family==


Family Reform

Fascism & Nazism and Its Importance for Us Today

Federal Tyranny

Genesis Flood; Nadezhda Mandelstam; Gary Wills; Hebrew Source of English; English Public Schools; Puritans and Conversion; Perry Miller; Christendom; Paul Johnson; Day Care; Lyndon B. Johnson; Franklin D. Roosevelt; N.E.A.; Spanish Armada; Spanish Civil War; Kant; Thomas S. Kuhn; James Clark Maxwell

Guilt Tripping

Henry David Thoreau; Russell Kirk; Racism and Christianity; Anglo-Saxons; German Mitigation; Commodity Traders and Existentialism; Voter Memory; Soviet Spies; Anti-Communism; Television; Unionism

House and Home

Image versus Reality; Theatre; Secularism and Original Sin; Military Horse; American Indians; Men and Arms; German Traders

Important Influences in Our Lives

Important and Interesting Reading

Influential and Important Books That We Have Read

Intellectual Barbarians

Interview Brian Abshire, Part 2

Interview Dr. Ellsworth & Daniel Mclntyre

Interview Gene and Robin Newman

Interview Howard Phillips, Part 1

Interview Howard Phillips, Part 2

Interview Larry Bailey

Interview Samuel Blumenfeld, Part 1

Interview Samuel Blumenfeld, Part 2

Interview Theron Johnson

Interview of Joseph McAuliffe

Interview with Dr D. Mitchell

Interview with Dr. Ellsworth Mclntyre

Interview with Ian Hodge

Interview with Rev. Dennis Roe, Part 1

Interview with Rev. John Weaver

Interview with Sam Blumenfeld

Interview with Samuel Blumenfeld, Part 1

Interview with Samuel Blumenfeld, Part 2

James Ussher; Christian Charity; Art of Europe; Church Buildings and Palaces; Destruction of Church Buildings; Human Immune System; Wayne Dick; A.I.D.S.; Symbols of Freedom, Crime and Governments; Soviet Criminals; Early American Life; Buster Brown Cartoons


Macedonian Outreach


Pietism, Quietism & Perfectionism

Political Sin; Cromwell; Documents and Future; Yankee Doodle; Montesquieu on Law; Indian Children; Educational Failure; Solutions to Pornography; Cambridge Apostles; Microcephalic Babies

Power: For Good or Evil?

Property and Society

Property and the Threats Against It

Quality of Workmanship; Anti-Natal and Anti-Life; Retired People; Napoleon Bonaparte on Religion; Rock Music and Satanism; Parental Awareness and Drugs; Church Building Architecture; Louis XIV of France and Versailles; Cult of the Sun; Home Architecture; Karl Marx and Satanism; Human Immunization System

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Resentment and Hostility

Romantic Movement; Thomas Chatterton; Education; Bad Historiography; Mature Criticism; Supreme Court Cases; Cindy Rocker; St. Vincent de Paul Society; Salvation Army; Privatization; Effects of Homosexuality; English Countryside; Murderers; Anne Hutchinson; Sir John Bowring; Water Supply; Rutherford Institute;


Satanic Cults; Bible and Child Abuse; Melanesians; Obedience and Coercion; Death Education; Conflict of Early Church; Christian Work from Early Church until Middle Ages; St. John Chrysostom; Name Calling and Fighting between Protestants and Catholics; Multiple Murders; Praying for Persecuted Christians


Tertullian; Early Church; Early American Life; Christina Rossetti; College Graduate Resume; Market Controls; War and Bureaucracies; Betrayal of Our Allies; Common Man and Roman Empire; Need; Illiterates, Doctorates; Mother Goose; English Game Laws; Sweden; Secretaries; Jefferson Davis

The Corruption of Justice

The End of an Era

The Falsification of History

The Family

The Future of Marriage

The Good Life

The Limits of Civil Government

The Modern State

Their Trip to Juarez, Mexico

Thought of Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy and Harold Berman; William Hubbs Rehnquist; Cathedrals; Six Western Revolutions; St. Charles Borromeo; John Locke; History; America; Insane Ideas; Microcephalic Babies


Trends in the Church Today

Trip to Australia and Mew Zealand; Loo; Existence of Napoleon Bonparte; Puritans; Biblical Scholarship and Progress; Soviet Leaders; Mainline Denominations; Secularism and Religion; Depreciation of History; Gentlemen; Louis Francois Armand Marcel Due Richelieu; Reason and Lust; White Slavery; Sexual Revolution; Revival of Family Life; Canada and Reconstruction

Trip to India by Walter Lindsay -Part 1

Trip to India by Walter Lindsay -Part 2


Welfare Reform

Whither Conservatism

William Volker Fund; Brainwashing; Mafia and Movies; Amtrak; Feminism and the Bible; Aviation and Hope; Alfred Bernhard Nobel; Jesuits; Child Abuse; Titanic and Pride of Men; Protestantism and Progress; Semilla; C.E.R.T.

Wilson and World War I



==Economics Economics

The Moral Foundation of Money

Education as a Religious Discipine

Education as a Religious Discipline; Part I Introduction by William C. Beers

Education as a Religious Discipline; Part II Panel Questions & Answers at end.


Circular Reasoning (Kamus-J. Dewey)

Facts and Presuppositions

Faith and Knowledge (Anselm-J. Martyr)

Epistemological Man

Irrational Man

Death of God and its Implications

Authority and Knowledge

Ultimate Authority: Flight From Reality

A Valid Epistemology

Facts and Epistemology (Descartes)

Essential History

80th Birthday Wishes; Family and Amenian History; The Future

Exodus; Unity of Law and Grace

From Slavery to Freedom

The Oppression Begins

Moses As the Man of Justice

The Source Of Law And Justice

The Burning Bush

Our Lords Exodus At Jerusalem

What is His Name

Indemnification Promised

The Day of Gods Vengeance

I Will Be With Thy Mouth

Calling Versus Presumption

Thus Saith The Lord

The Loneliness of Moses

The Name of God

The New Leadership

Gods Way

Lying Wonders

The First Plague

The Second Plague

The Third Plague

The Fourth Plague

The Fifth Plague

The Sixth Plague

The Seventh Plague

The Eighth Plague

The Ninth Plague

The Tenth Plague I

The Tenth Plague II

The Tenth Plague III

The Tenth Plague IV

The Tenth Plague V

The Tenth Plague VI

Curses and Blessings

Times of Observance

The Priority of Grace

Meaning of the First Born

The Feast of Unleavened Bread

Consecration of the Firstborn

The First Born of Every Creature

The Bones of Joseph

The Pillars of Gods Glory


The Salvation of the Lord

Gods Honor and Glory

Judgment in the Red Sea

The Song of Moses

The First Statute



Manna and the Sabbath

Our Lords Exodus at Jerusalem

Massah and Meribah



Justice and Its Administration

The Covenant and Justice

Prepare for the Law Giving

The First Commandment

The Second Commandment

The Third Commandment

The Fourth Commandment

The Fifth Commandment

The Sixth Commandment

The Seventh Commandment

The Eighth Commandment

The Ninth Commandment

The Tenth Commandment

The Fear of God

Approaching God


The Death Penalty

Laws of Liberty

Laws of Liberty II

Laws of Liability & Restitution I

Laws of Liability & Restitution II

Laws of Liability & Restitution III

Laws of Liability & Restitution IV

Laws of Liability & Restitution V

Gods Justice

The Sabbath Rest

Festivals of Faith

The Angel of the Lord

Hornets and Snares

The Sealing of the Covenant

The Covenant Meal

The Tabernacle

The Ark and the Mercy Seat

The Table of the Shewbread

The Candlestick or Lampstand

The Curtains

Boards and Vail

The Altar

The Court & the Oil

The Spirit of Wisdom

The War Against Children

Gods Man Moses

The Echoed

The Breastplate

Urim and Thummim

The Robe

The Plate of Mitre

The Consecration I

The Consecration II

The Consecration III

The Consecration IV

The Altar of Incense

The Poll Tax

The Laver

The Oil and the Perfume

The Spirit Filled Man

Sabbath Keeping

The Golden Calf I

The Golden Calf II

The Golden Calf III

The Altered Plan

The Glory of God

The Covenant Renewed I

The Covenant Renewed II

The Face of Moses

The Sabbath

The Gifts For the Tabernacle

The Wise and the Willing Hearted

The Restraint

The Fabric of the World

The Center I

The Center II

The Center III

The Center IV

Expositional Lectures

The Beatitudes

The Law and Man

The Trinity

Time and Chaos

Meaning of Salvation

Petitioning the King

Down Condemned Row

He Breathed on Them

Faith and Law



Magic and Witchcraft

Flight from Knowledge and Life

Flight From Knowledge

Flight From Life

Foundations of Social Order

Foundations of Social Order I

Foundations of Social Order II

Foundations of Social Order III

Foundations of Social Order

Apostle's Creed

Imagination vs. History (Nicea) Arianism and Gnosticism

Against the Hatred of Certainty (Constantinople I)

The Te Deum Laudamus

Worship of the Condemned (Ephesus)

Foundation of Western Liberty (Chalcedon)

The One and the Many (Athanasian Creed)

The Fallacy of Simplicity (Constantinople II)

Doctrine of Grace

Procession of the Holy Spirit

Doctrine of the Resurrection

Abolition of God (Constantinople III)

Foundations of Social Order

Communion of the Saints

Ascension and Session

The Last Judgment

The Church

Forgiveness of Sins

Man and the Creeds

From the Easy Chair

Religious Mentality of the Media

Christian Schools, 1st Amendment, Economics

Christian Economics

Christian Research of South Africa

Reconstruction in the Media and Arts

Colloquy in Reconstruction Economics

Contemporary Look at Biblical Economics

Moral Degeneracy Leading up to the Murder of Larry McDonald

Christian Colloquy on U. S. Constitution

Economics From a Biblical Perspective

Property & Taxes

The Future & Christian Role

Implications of the Korean Airline Massacre

The Economy & What to do about It

Cosmetics, Abortion , Child Sacrifice

Christian Schools, Communist Interrogation, Foreign Debt

The Crisis Ahead & Our Christian Responsibility

The Shape of the Future

Never Talk About Politics & Religion

The Media; The Fourth Estate

Dechristianization of Civilization

War & Peace

Earthquake Reform

The Breakdown of Law

The Other End of the Lifeboat

National Suicide

Work in Switzerland

Christian Reconstruction

The Relationship of Look

The Relationship of Look

Home Schooling

Economic Analysis and Bureaucratic Attack on Church

The Oil Situation

South Africa & Related Issues

Christian Economics

Gene and Robin Newman



Culture of the 20th Century

Cultural Decay

What Is Going to Happen to Us

History; Its Direction & Meaning

Christian Reconstruction

Growing Moral & Religious Collapse of the West. World

Hispanic America; Tree of Hate

The French Revolution and Its Influence

Money and Debt

Teacher in Sweden

Christian Conciliatory Service

Two Trips Behind the Iron Curtain

The Culture of Modernism

International Free Trade, Protectionism

Death and Taxes I

Death and Taxes II

North Africa Today

Money and Debt

Marxism and Communism

Charles Darwin and Evolution


The New Paganism



Work, Play and Rest

Envy and Elitism

The Great Depression

World War II Eye Witness

Cowardness and Courage


Colloquy on Education

Presuppositions for Education

Work, Job Experiences

Medicine and Healing

The Role of Business in Society

Civil Disobedience

The City, Urban Life; Its Meaning, Character & Background






The Enlightenment

Models and Role Models or Heroes

The Coming Nuclear Attack

How People Cope with Tragedy


Foreign Policy

Defining Capitalism and Communism

Fashion vs Reality

The Enlightenment

Books as They Relate to the World in Which We Live

The City

Property & Environmentalism



Delegated Powers

Environment & Environmentalism

Problems Faced on the Mission Field

The Third Party; Do We Need One

Rumania in 1989

Rumania, Hungary & Sweden, 1989

Tribal Work Ethic

Book Reviews of History, Church & State

Discussion of Recent Trip to Rumania


Modern Justice, Courts & Lawyers

Discussing Books & Ideas

Decadence & the New Age

The Media & Decadence

The State of American Literature

The Put

Anatoliy Golitsyn

Cont. Communist Strategy of Deception, Misinformation

Discussion of Movies

Discussion of Art & Architecture

Seeds of Change

Growing Attack on Property Rights

Education I

Education II

Oct. 1990 Situation in Arabia

The Application of the Law

Peace; Christian vs Humanism (Middle East)

Christians & Politics in Washington D.C.

Important Books

Health; Mental & Physical

Hope for Monetary Reform

Great Britain & its Place in the World Today

Emerson; The Transcendentalist


Analysis of Education Past and Present

Masculinity & Femininity Contrasted

The Myth of Cultural Equality

The Global Economics

Remarkable People We Have Known

Remarkable People We Have Known

Remarkable People We Have Known

The Beginnings of the Modern Age 1660 to 1991



Law & Disorder

Culture and Subculture.

Education & Boredom

A Federal Police Force

Federal Lands Privatized

America The Beautiful

Forbidden Discovery in Australia

Christianity in Australia

The Economic Scene in the 1990s

Books With the Most Influence

World Union or Secession

Political Correctness

Piracy & Contrast

Politicizing of Life

P. Biddle at Stanford U. Contract With U.S.

P. Biddle on Congress

Law Enforcement

Work, Wealth & Poverty

The Media

The National Debt

Substitutes for Religion


Deconstruction 1

Deconstruction 2

Reactions to Disaster


Presbyterian Church Reforms

Interview with Fred Niles, Australia

The Election of Sept. 1992

The Seizure of Properties

Technology & the Sexes

J. Knox, J. Calvin & the U.S.

BOOKS; New & Old



World Colonialism & Indigenous Ed.



Truth or Consequences

The New Paganism


Hate Crimes

John Lofton Views on Talk Shows

Faith vs. Guilt Culture





Outcome Based Ed. & Other Education Anomalies

Many Consequences of Educational Anomalies

World Religion


Charity vs Welfarism





Humanistic Law

The Press



Contracts & Licenses


Good & Evil


World War II

Cultural Suicide

The Drug War

Contemporary Education

Contemporary Education



Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Is Freedom Wanted

Sin vs. Conspiracy

Godly Social Order - Corinthians

The Church

The Church: God's Property

The Cross

The Preaching of the Cross

The Centrality of the Atonement

Your Calling, Brethren

The Uncompromised Word

The Great Divide

The Carnal Christians

The Only Foundation

The Day of Man vs. the Day of the Lord

Gossip vs. Power

The Law and the Church

The Chosen of God

The Sovereign's Courts

Men of the Kingdom

The Corinthian Errors

Persecution Ahead

Regeneration and Freedom

Concerning Marriage

Meat Offered to Idols

The Critical Church

Paul's Ministry

Faith and History

Typology and Us

The Nature of Communion

Implications of Communion


Divisions or Schism


Spiritual Gifts

Unity in Diversity

Being Members One of Another

Greatness in the Spirit

The Meaning of Love

The Gifts of the Spirit


The Nature of the Spirit

Order in the Church

Theology & History

The Meaning of the Resurrection

Total Victory

The Power of the Resurrection

The Meaning of the Resurrection

The Resurrection World

The Key

A Privilege of Grace

Paul an Apostle

Paul's Position

Green Paganism, Reconstructing the Church

The Revival of Paganism in the Green Movement

Reconstructing the Church


The Mandate

The King and His Servants

The Mediator

Atonement and Society

The Center

The Meaning of Rest

Faith and Obedience

The High Priest I

The High Priest II

Babies vs. Natural Men

Moving Toward Maturity

Gods Promise and Our Hope



No Priest-No King


The Atonement

The True Sanctuary

Rite Versus Reality

Atonement and Action

To Do Thy Will O God

Remission of Sins and Freedom

A Call To Service



FAITH From Abel to Noah

ABRAHAM The Man of Faith

By Faith Moses

Faith Triumphant

Sons or Bastards


The Warning

The Conclusion

History of Modern Philosophy

Descartes & Modern Philosophy -The Birth of Subjectivism

Berkeley to Kant-The Collapse of the Outer World

Hagel to Marx to Dewey-The Creation of a New World

Existentialism-the New God Creates His Own Nature

Sade to Genet The New Morality

From Artisan to Artist-Art in the Modern Culture

The Impact of Philosophy on Religion The Principle of Modernity

The Implication of Modern Philosophy The Will to Fiction

History of Thought

The Early Thinkers from Plato to Augustine Q&A-Delivered 1969

Anselm to the Enlightenment Q&A-Delivered 1969

From the Enlightenment or Rise of Deism, Darwin, Kant, Hagel, Lenin Q&A

History: English History

John Wycliff

King Richard III

Oliver Cromwell

John Milton No. 1

John Milton No. 2

Hope for the Future

The Millennium--Now or Later

The Second Coming of Christ--The Blessed Hope

Human Nature in its First Estate

Creationism and Psychology

The Nature of Man

Work and Dominion


What is Man? (Part I)

Righteousness and Holiness


The Sexual Nature of Man

The Paradise Motive

Human Nature in its Second Estate

The Satanic Image of Man

The Fall of Man



The Cainite


Freedom from Testing


In the Image of Adam


The Religion of Fallen Man

Human Nature in its Third Estate

What is Man (Part II)



Regeneration, Atonement, Psychology

The State of Grace


Transformed Man


The Renewing Nature


Our Advocate

Man's Highest Good



Patience and Experience




The New

Men and Sheep

Human Nature in its Fourth Estate


The Tree of Life

The Tabernacle

The Resurrection Body

The Sabbath

The Reality Principle


Religion as Education

Humanism in Education

Seminar on Humanism (Echo Impaired Sound)

Humanism and the Child

Assault on the Biblical Doctrine of the Family


Sin and Perfection


Humanism; Infallability; Money

The Last Days of Humanism

Infallibility; An Inescapable Concept (Q&A)

The Moral Foundation of Money

Introduction to Institutes of Biblical Law

Introduction to the Law

Direction of the Law

First Commandment

The First Commandment

God vs Molech

Laws of Covenant Membership

Law of the Tithe

Law as Power and Discrimination

Second Commandment

Second Commandment

The Throne of Law

The Altar and Capital Punishment

Sacrifice and Responsibility

Holiness and the Law

Law: Partial and Impartial

Law and Equality

Third Commandment

Negativism and the Law

Swearing and Revolution

The Oath and Society

Swearing and Worship

Oath and Authority

Fourth Commandment

Sign of Freedom

Sabbath and Life

Sabbath and Work

Sabbath and Authority

Sabbath and Law

Fifth Commandment

Authority of the Family

Promise of Life

Economics of the Family

Education and the Family

Family and Delinquency

The Holy Family

The Family and Authority

Principle of Authority

The Limitations of Man's Authority

Sixth Commandment

Sixth Commandment

The Death Penalty

Origins of the State: Its Prophetic Office

To Make Alive

Hybridization and Law


Responsibility and Law

Restitution and Restoration

Military Laws


Love and the Law


Christ and the Law

The Laws of Quarantine

Dietary Laws



Amalek and Violence

Violence as Presumption

The Social Inheritance of Land Marks

Seventh Commandment


Marriage and Man

Marriage and Woman


Family Law



Law of the Levirate

Sex and Crime

Sex and Religion


The Law of Divorce

The Family as Trustee


Uncovering the Springs

Mediatorial Work of the Law

The Transvestite


The Architecture of Life


Eight Commandment



Restitution and Forgiveness

Liability and the Bystander

Money and Measures



Stealing Freedom

Landmarks and Land

The Virgin Birth and Property


Eminent Domain

Labor Laws

Robbing God


Lawful Wealth

Restitution to God

Rights of Strangers

Injustice as Robbery

Theft and Law

Ninth Commandment

Tempting God

Sanctification and the Law

The False Prophet

Jesus Christ se the Witness

Witness of the False Prophet



False Witness

False Freedom

The Lying Tongue

Slander Within Marriage


Slander as Theft

Every Idle Word

Trial by Ordeal


The Responsibility of Judges

The Court

Procedures of the Court

Judgment of the court


Tenth Commandment


The Law in Force

Special Privilege

Offenses Against Neighbors

The System

Promises of Law

The Use of the Law

The Law and the Ban

Curses and Blessings

The Unlimited Liability Universe

Law in the Old Testament

God the King

The Law and the Prophets

Natural and Supernatural Law

Law as Direction and Life

The Law and the Covenant

Law in the New Testament

Christ and the Law

Woman Taken in Adultery

Antinomianism Attacked

The Transfiguration

The Kingdom of God

The Tribute Money

The Cultural Mandate

Law in Acts and Epistles

Church Law

The Eldership

Office of Elder in the Church

The Christian Passover

Circumcision and Baptism

The Priesthood of All Believers


Rebuke and Excommunication

Power and Authority


Appendix: Law in Western Society

Implications of Biblical Faith

Implications of Biblical Faith

Implications of Biblical Faith Q&A I

Implications of Biblical Faith Q&A II

Reflections on Gods Faithfulness In My Life Q&A


Discussion on Ethics and Theonomy

Jurisprudenceand Biblical Law Q & A

Jurisprudenceand Biblical Law Q & A


The Loss of Justice

Law and Justice

Terminal Stupidity

Terminal Justice

Future of Justice

Justice; Questions & Answers

Law and Dominion

How the Christian will Reconquer the World; The Crisis




The Poor

How the Christian Will Reconquer through Economics; The Problem & the Very Great Hope

Money, Inflation and Morality

The Trustee Family & Economics

Biblical Law & Our Faith

Our Business World

Law and Life

Sociology of the Sabbath

Blessing and Cultural Advance

The Faith of Rahab



Sacrilege and Judgment

Sacrilege and the Church

The Magnificat

Sacrilege of Time

Sacrilege Against the Person

Sacrilege, Holiness, Community

Grace and Community

State and Community

The Community of the Atonement

Community and Crime

Community and Family

Community and Order

Community and Faith

Community and Morality

Theology and the State

Vows and Oaths

The Curse

Capitalization and Church & State

Communion and Community

Communion and Culture

Communion and Culture

God's Son, Israel

Fortune Telling, Witchcraft, Law, Future

Occultism and Charismatics

Rebellion & Occultism

Debt and Decapitalization

Laws of Inheritance

Inheritance and Dominion

Inheritance and Possession

Inheritance, Lot and Land

Inheritance and Work


The Future of America - I

The Future of America - II

Lectures - Politics and Liberty

Politics of Predestination

Liberty and Law

Liberty and Property

Christian Social Ethics

Lectures on Education

Anarchy and Education

Education and the Autonomy of Critical Thought

Leviticus; The Law of Holiness and Grace

Law and Holiness

Dedication, Atonement and Holiness

Sacrifice & Conspicuous Waste

The Meaning of Peace


Atonement and Freedom

Atonement and Repentance

Holy Burnt Offering

Accidental Holiness

The Reparation Offering

Grace and Peace

Fat & Blood; Gods Claim on Us

Tithing and the Kingdom

The Priestly Calling

Consecration and Investiture

The Glory of the Lord

Sacrilege and Phariseeism

Phariseeism and the Law

Why Ye Will Die

Clean and Unclean


Diet and Religion

The Churching of Women

The Laws of Leprosy

The Ritual of Cleansing

Holiness and Health

The New Beginning

The Scope of the Atonement

Vicarious Atonement

Atonement, Freedom and Justice

Blood and Life

The Ground of Law

The Laws of Marriage

Sin and the Land

Abomination and Confusion

The Expulsion

Holiness and Community

Justice and Community

The Love of Our Neighbor

Boundaries and Confusion

The Sexuality and Confusion

Circumcision , Trees and Us



Molech Worship

Profane Knowledge and Power

Holiness and the Family

Good and Evil Relations

Covenant Faithfulness

The Representatives of Life

The High Priest and his Calling


Reverence and Gods Order

The Unblemished Offering

The Bread of God

The Sabbath Rest

The Meaning of Firstfruits

Pentecost and Rest

Service as Power

The New Year

The Day of Atonement

The Feast of the Lord

Sacred Objects


Blasphemy and the Social Order

The Lands Sabbath

The Jubilee I

The Jubilee II

The Jubilee III

The Jubilee IV

The Jubilee V

The Jubilee VI

Jubilee and the Covenant I

Jubilee and the Covenant II

Jubilee and the Covenant III

Jubilee and the Covenant IV


The Meaning of Vows

The Meaning of Vows II

Life or Death in the Schools

Philosophy of Christian Education as a World and Life View

The Nature, Meaning & Purpose of Law

The School and Family Life

The Radical Critique of Public Schools

Education for Maturity

Loss and Restoration of Justice

The Loss of Justice

The Law and Justice

The Future of Justice

Love, Justice, and Idealism

Love and Justice

Idealism: Self Righteousness vs God's Righteousness


The Use of the Scriptures and the Reformed Faith

The Meaning of Life and Death; Capitol Punishment & Human Life

Every Word of the Lowest Common Denominator

The Meaning of Life and Death; Capitol Punishment & Human Life

The Atonement or the Society of Satan

Christianity and Taxation

Origins of Medieval Thought

The One and the Many

Presuppositional Apologetics

Death and Restitution

Total Depravity

Meaning of a Sacrilege

Godly and Ungodly Mercy

Love of Neighbor (Ques. & Answers)

Christ's Olivet Discourse

Paul's Prophetic Discourses

Call to Victory

Mission of the Church

Locale of Theology

The Church Militant

The Full-Orbed Mission

Neglected Lectures from the Sixties and Seventies, Critiquing Americas Fads, Myths, and Heresies

The United Nations A Religious Dream


Evil as a Social Necessity

Revolutionary Art

The Myth of Science-Questions & Answers 9 26 67

Radical Student Movement-Delivered in 1960s

Money & Power Q&A-Delivered 3 1 66

The Myth of Over-Population Q&A-Delivered 1967

Money & Progress Q&A-Delivered 1968

Moral foundations of Money-Delivered 1 13 66

Money and Work Q&A-Delivered 6 18 69

Constitutional Position on Liberty and Property-Delivered 1966

The Economics of Satan-Delivered 11 22 64

Witchcraft & Magic as an Elective-Delivered 1 23 71

Neo-Platinism vs. Christianity

Neo-Platinism vs. Christianity-Delivered 1 26 72

Neo-Platinism vs. Christianity-Delivered 2 2 72

Numbers; Faith, Law, and History

The Purpose of Numbers

The Military Census

The Center

The Levites

The Scepter of Dominion

The Service of the Levites

Purification and Restitution

The Trial of Jealousy

The Law of the Nazirite

Blessing the People

The Offering of the Princes

The Consecration of the Levites

The Passover

Following the Lord

The Trumpets and Warfare

From Sinai to Paran

Moses Blessing

The Beginning of Complaints


Rebellion Against God

The Holy Spirit and the Elders

The Plague and the Quail

The Demand for Equality

The Spies

The Cowardice of the People

The Judgment on Hypocrisy

The Land and the Faith

Sins; Unpremeditated & Premeditated

The Democratic Rebellion

The Culture of Holiness

The Culture of Rights

Aarons Rod

The Burden of Iniquity

Priest and People

The Inheritance of the Levites

The Levitical Tithe

The Meaning of the Red Heifer (Death)

The Waters of Meribah

Edoms Hostility, Aarons Death

The Fiery Serpent


Balaams Ass

Balaam & Gods Word

Balaams Prophecies

The Star Out of Jacob I

The Star Out of Jacob II



The Second Census

The Law of Inheritance

Leadership Succession

Public Sacrifices

Sabbaths, Time and Focus

The Religious Calendar

The Feast of Trumpets

The Day of Atonement

The Feast of Ingathering

A Womans Vows

War Against Midian

War Against Midian

Reuben, Gad and Manasseh

Gods Promise

The Division of the Land

The Levitical Cities

Laws of Murder

Inheritance and Succession

Obedience to God or Ceasar; A Christian Nation

Understanding Our Crisis. Whom Shall We Obey, God or Caesar.

What Identifies America as a Christian Nation

Our Threatened Freedom

Is the Church a Charitable Trust

Freedom or Controls

Has the First Amendment been Nullified

Is There a New Definition for Deliquency

Justice in the Courts

Do We Have Too Many Laws

What is a Witness

Done Any Jury Duty Lately

What Kind of Protection Do We Need

What is Wrong with Our Politicians

What Makes a Quack

Freedom or Control

Why Prosecute Good Children

Is the First Amendment Being Misrepresented

Can the State Prescribe a Plan of Salvation

Does America Have an Established Religion

Are Psychology and Psychiatry Scientific

Were There Christians in the Contintental Armies

Did the Romans and Do the Americans Love Virtue

Do We Want to be Lied To

Do You Want a Monopoly in Education

Do We Believe in Incompetence

Is the First Amendment Being Used to Persecute Christians

Why the Attack on Christian Schools

Are We Encouraging Insanity

Are We Watering Down our Money

Do We Trust in Bureaucrats

Do We Make Too much of our Presidents

What is Government

Is There a War Against the Family

Are Nine Out of Ten Professors Unfit

Is There a War Against Children

Are the State Schools Teaching Religion

Are You a Human Being

Are Parents Being Abused

Does Freedom Work

Whatever Happened to Love Days

What is the Purpose of Taxation

Do Our Judges Make Sense

Is the Bed of Procrustes Back Again

Do You Sleep Better at Night Because of the Bureaucracy

How Much Honesty is there in Civil Government

Is Civil Government Costing Us Too Much

Is Sanity Too Much to Ask For

Is the War on Crime a Real War

Have We Forgotten the Fundamentals

What is the Cost of Civil Government

What Does Legitimate Mean

How Good Were the Good Ole Days

Whats Wrong With Nostalgia

Are We Running Out of Space

Are We Moving Into Slavery

Can We Trust Statistics

Do We Have a New Kind of Police

Is It Hard to Be Rich

What Kind of Adice Do You Want

What Has Happened to Prosperity

Why are Judges Such Nitpickers

Is the Soviet Union Making Progress

Is There a Danger in Biblical Religion

Are Taxes Wiping You Out

Is Our Judicial System Collapsing

What Has Happened to Integrity

What Has Happened to the Middle Class

What Has Happened to our Money

Who Gets the Benefit from Welfarism

Is Death by Government Permission Only

Are Sports Becoming a Threat to our Freedom

Are Regulations Costing Us Too Much

What Is a Fumage

Who Is Protecting Us

Have We Lost Our Manners

Is it Safe to Rely on the Law

Is a Thing Good Because its New

Are We Appropriating Funds for Nonsense

Are We Enemies of Initiative

Do Taxpayers Have Any Rights

What is Legal Tender

Who is our Number One Ally

Is Happiness a Crime

Why Is Crime a Growth Industry

Are You Afraid of the Taxman

Are You Filthy Rich on Ten Thousand a Year

What are the Churches Teaching

Does Civil Government Cost Too Much

Who is Censoring Us

Are Public School Hazardous to Our Childrens Health

Who is Most Helped by Federal Spending

How Does the US Supreme Court Make Those Decisions

Are Fake Menaces Being Promoted

Is Mental Illness a Myth

Do Our Politicians Lose Their Memory on Election Day

Does the United States Have an Incurable Disease

Is Our Bureaucracy Becoming a Bad Joke

Do Our Ex-Presidents Cost Too Much

Must Civil Government Have a Double Standard

Do We Have Equal Justice

How Seriously Should We Take Our Politicians

Is Discrimination Always Bad

Is There a Good Excuse for Murder

Can We Legislate our Way to Freedom

Is Being Human a Disaster

Is Charity Illegal

When is it Illegal to Sing in Church

Is Language a Political Tool

Have You Thanked Your Banker Lately

How Sensitive are You to Vampires

How Big are the Big Corporations

What is a Monopoly

Will Our Courts Defend Orphans

How Much are Federal Regulations Costing Us

Is Freedom Dangerous

Does the Supreme Government Know Best

Is Education For or Against Barbarism

Are Criminals Afraid of the Law

Will Wishing or Legislating Make It So

Do We Need a License to Die

Who Is Congress Working For

Is Law Enforcement Always Good

How Much of You does the Federal Government Own

Are We Over-Licensed and Over-Ticketed

Do You Like Taxation

Was Abscam a Disgrace for Our Federal Government

Is Automation a Threat

Are We Running Low on Ideas to Spend our Money

Are We Becoming a Postage Stamp Republic

Does Crime Pay

When is Rape Not Rape

Are We Robbing Widows

Do You Want a Vegetarian World

Are We Using Language to Confuse Ourselves

Are We Regulating Ourselves into Tyranny

Do We Have a New Kind of Prejudice

Is Federal Aid Destroying America

Can Crime Stopping Be Dangerous

Has the Alaskan Pipeline Been a Disaster

Are Technicalities Destroying Justice

Is Congress Giving Us Equal Protection

Who Gets the Benefits These Days

Is Social Security in Trouble

Is Mexicos Problem Americas Problem Too

Done Any Nagging Lately

Does Bionic Man Have a Future

Are the Courts an Enemy to Justice

Are Politicians Destroying Faith in the American System

Are We Suffering From a New Bigotry

Who Gets Hurt by Budget Cuts

Are We Over-Polluted and Over-Populated

How Bad is Pollution

Who is Taking Care of the Poor

Do We Have a Dynasty of Wealth in the United States

What is Wrong with Deficit Spending

Who Gets Hurt by Trade Controls

Should Life be Better at the Top

Are We a Nation of Book Burners

Who Makes History

Are We a Suicidal People

Are We Still the Hope of the Oppressed (Not Complete)

What Are We Financing With Our Foreign Aid

Are You a Patron of the Arts

Are We Afraid of Words

Are We In a Banking Crisis

Are We Misjudging our Prison Convicts

Who Are the Debtors of America

Can a Hole in the Ground be Productive

What are the Facts of Soviet Slave Camps

Should Universities Get Grants from Pentagon Funds for Research

Is Our Federal Bureaucracy Out of Control

There a Return to Religion

Philosophy of Christian Eduction in Christian Schools

Philosophy of Christian Ed. as a Biblical World, Life View

Nature, Meaning, and Purpose of Law

The School and Family

Education for Childhood or Maturity

Teaching Bible

Education and Power

Education and Freedom

Religion, Culture, and Curriculum

Principles of Mathematics

History vs. Social Science

Philosophy of Music

Impossibility of Neutrality

Philosophy of Teaching Grammar

Teaching Composition: Principles and Philosophies



Foreign Languages--Sexual differences

Whose is the Child? Philosophy of discipline & Problems

Postmillennialism & Education & Christian Idea of Economics

Postmillennialism & Education

Philosphy of Freud

Philosophy of Freud

Freud: Q & A

Postmillennialism in America

History I

History II

Power, Family, Community, and Law

Power and it's Meaning

The Community and the Family

Power and the Law

The Family and Power

Sacrilege and Judgment

The Robe of Glory

Grace and Community: Q & A

Community and Crime: Q & A

The Centrality of the Family: Q & A

The New Morality

The Occult: Its Nature and Significance: Q & A

Philemon and Restitution: Q & A

Profound Questions and Answers

16 Early methods of teaching at home. Downgrade after 1900. Statistic of man, woman ratio in the church & downgrade.

21 Christianity is the only religion where man has communion with God.

12 Charity help to Vietnam.

13 Regarding debt.

10 Government involvement in socialization of Agriculture.

31 Mongoloid.

27 What is work

15 Explain the first pop. of the Earth.

21 Zionism a form of National Socialism.

05 Article by George Cocker to Liberals.

15 Faith healing. (Psychosomatic)

08 Who are the Saints

10 Questions on Economic Libertarians (Murray Rothgard), (Fractional Res.)

11 Judgment begins at the House of God.

05 Getting good men to run for office.

01 Questions on the older commandments, (Buddhist).

13 Questions on theological self-conscientiousness. City of God. City of Man.

13 History on Nicene & Arianism.

15 Should Christians apologize (Regarding Barth, Tillich, etc.)

26 Before Christ were there Trinitarians

09 What are the exceptional councils historically

01 Question on William Buckley conservative.

03 Origin of baptist doctrine on baptism.

12 Question on evil in pleasure.

Religious Earthquake

Religious Earthquake I

Religious Earthquake II


The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Typology and History (Ephesus)

The Emasculation of Man (Smyrna)

The Sword of Authority (Pergamos)

Compromise (Thyatira)

The City of Failure (Sardis)

Brotherhood (Philadelphia)

Compromising church (Laodicea) (Poor copy)

Throne of Power

The Kinsman Redeemer

The Executor

The Sealed

The Inheritance of False Heirs (Poor copy)

The Plagues Against Babylon

Peace and Judgment

The Kingdom Militant

Christ vs Satan

Anti-Christianity in Church and State


The Song of Moses

The Great Shaking

The Whore of Babylon

The Fall of Babylon

The Two Banquets

The Resurrection

The New Creation

The New Jerusalem

The Morning Star

The Kingdom of God

The Tree of Life

Sermon on the Mount

The Beatitudes


The Merciful

Blessed are the Pure in Heart

The Peacemakers

Salt, Light, and Law

Christ and the Law

Whosoever Shall Compel Thee


Deliver Us From Evil



Worry and Fretfulness


Little Faith


Judgment and Action

The Assurance of Answers

The Golden Rule

The Narrow Way

The Test of Profession

The Unity of Life

False Faith


Foundations Tested


The Church; What is it

Faith and the Resurrection (Easter)

Sin and Perfection



Studies in Early Genesis

The Closed Universe of Evolution

Created Very Good

The Doctrine of Man

The Doctrine of Marriage

Whose Infallible Word?

The Foundation of Existentialism

The Society of Satan, Part I

Sin and Insanity

In Adam's Image

Tents of Shem

The Society of Satan, Part II

Studies in Eschatology - Zechariah

Christ in the Midst

For Every Oppressor, a Destroyer

The Basic Security

The Society of Grace

Sources of Morality

Ministry of Vengeance

Direction of History

Will Worship vs God Worship

Rewards and Punishment

Prisoners of Hope

Origin of Phariseeism

Give Me My Price

The Cup of Trembling

The Fountain Opened

At Evening Time . . . Light

Studies in Political Philosophy

Masochism and Atonement (Poor copy)


Return to Slavery

Hell and Politics

Bloodguiltiness (Poor copy)

False Responsibility

Eminent Domain

The Opened Graves

The Sabbath and Proletarian Revolution

Judgment and Salvation

The Sabbath and Satanism

Regeneration and History

Incarnation and History

The Love of Death

The Truth

The Wine of Astonishment

Inescapable Knowledge

Justice and History


Studies in the Incarnation

Immanuel, God with Us

Bethlehem vs Assyria

Salvation: Rome vs Christ

I Will Call My Son out of Egypt

The Annunciation

Shiloh, the Lawgiver

The Star out of Judah

Subversion and the United Nations

Strategy of Subversion

A Religious Dream: The United Nations

The Doctrine of Salvation

Salvation--Pagan and Christian

Salvation vs Insurance

Salvation and Judgment

Salvation and Sovereignty

Salvation and Dominion


Political Saviours

That Certain Word

Paradise and Salvation


Perfection and Salvation


The Sabbath

Idleness and Revolution

The Intellect as Saviour

Salvation by Love and Hate

Buddhist Salvation



Salvation by Slavery

Outlaw Culture





Progress and Providence

Providence and the End


The Antithesis

Doctrine of the Harmony of Interests




Forgiveness of Sins

Effectual Calling



The Forgiver

The Forgiven





The Incarnation


Incarnation and Indwelling


The Principle of Hilarity

The Holy Spirit & the Redeemed Man

A Return to Reality



Christian Liberty

Christian Obedience

Liberty of Conscience


Justice and Mercy


Justice and Having Salvation

The Resurrection and Man

The Daysman

Prophet, Priest and King

Pentecost and Responsibility

The Kingdom of Heaven

Salvation and Evangelism

Godly Rule

Manipulated Man


Marriage and the Family


Reigning in Life

The Future and Wisdom

Socialism as Predestination; the Future of Christian Civilization

WISDOM; Its Implication for this Society; Philosophical & Medical Need for Proverbs (with Dr. Roger Abraham)

The Gospel of John

The Word Was Made Flesh I

The Word Was Made Flesh II

A Man Sent From God I

A Man Sent From God II

Behold the Lamb of God

The Beginning of Miracles

The Cleansing of the Temple


He Must Increase

The Woman at the Well

Gods Invasion of History

The 2nd Miracle; The Sign of Life

The 3rd Miracle Sign of Grace

Christ the Center

The 4th Miracle; The Sign Against Magic

The 5th Miracle; The Sign of Transcendence

The New Human Race

The Great Warfare

Righteous Judgment

Living Water


The Woman Taken in Adultery

Resurrection and Ascension

The Question of Authority

Who Art Thou

Truth and Freedom

War Against God

The Sixth Miracle; The Challenge

The Sign of Truth

False Priorities

Blindness and Knowledge

Hearing His Voice

Enemies In and Out of the Church

The Credulity of the Ungodly

The Evidentialists

The Shepherd King

The Raising of Lazarus

The Council and the Decision

In the Name of the Poor

The Triumphal Entry

The Rejection

His Commandment as Life

Foot Washing

Know Ye What I Have Done to You

The Betrayal

The Glory of God

The King Commands Petition

The Strengthened Promised

The Vine and the Branches

The Meaning of Biblical Love

The Worlds Hatred

The Avenging Spirit

The Undivided Trinity

Jesus is Lord

The Virgin Birth

Faith and Knowledge

The Father and the Son


Unity in Christ

Malchus Ear

The Ecclesiastical or Church Trial

The Civil Trial I

The Civil Trial II

The Crucifixion

It is Finished

The Death & Burial of Jesus Christ

The Resurrection

Appearances to the Disciples

The Under-Shepherd Duty

Predestination and Grace

The Great Commision and the Spirit

Go Ye Therefore

By My Spirit

The Lives of Your Children at Stake

Humanism vs Christianity

Humanism, Religion of State Schools

History Subverted

Religious Goals of Humanism

Church and State

The Religion of Humanism

Humanism and the Law

The Religion of Humanism

Humanism and the Spirit

Humanism and Morality

The Satanic Alternative

The First Temptation: Stones Bread

The Second Temptation: Faith versus Sight

The Third Temptation: Him Only Shalt Thou Serve

The Signs of John's Gospel

Beginning of the Miracles

Sign of Faith

Sign of Health

Sign Against Magic

Sign of Communion

Sign of Truth

Sign of Light

Sign of Victory

Sign of the Future

Total Crown Rights of Christ the King

The Fear of Victory

The Gospel According to Saint Ahab

Over Church and State

Over All Men

Over Every Sphere of Life

Bringing Back the King

United States Constitution

The U.S. Constitution & the Issue of Original Intent

The U.S. Constitution; Changing Intent

The U.S. Constitution Changed

The U.S. Constitution & the People

Seminar; U.S. Constitutional Questions

World History

Why History is Important_a

Why History is Important_b

Israel, Egypt, and the Ancient Near East

Ancient History and Christianity_a

Ancient History and Christianity_b

Roman Republic and Empire_a

Roman Republic and Empire_b

Early Church - Byzantium_a

Early Church - Byzantium_b

Islam - The Froniter Age_a

Islam - The Froniter Age_b

New Humanism or Medieval Period_a

New Humanism or Medieval Period_b

From Renaisssance (Humanism) to the Reformation_a

From Renaisssance (Humanism) to the Reformation_b

Wars of Religion (so called)_a

Wars of Religion (so called)_b

Louis XiV, Revolution, Napoleon_a

Louis XIV, Revolution, Napoleon_b

England 18th & 19th Century_a

England 18th & 19th Century_b

Twentieth Century_a

Twentieth Century_b

World Orders: From Humanist to Christian

The Death of the Old Humanist Order

The Birth of the New Christian Order

A ministry of the with

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