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Pocket College
Equipping the Saints to Advance the Kingdom



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Pocket College is a red pill vending machine: prepare to be unplugged from the Matrix. -

Pocket College is an online Christian college equipping the saints to advance the kingdom. Why Pocket College?

  • For all the same reasons you homeschool.
  • For ages 16 and up.
  • Learn on your schedule, where ever you are.
  • Learn while you work full time or start your own business.
  • Everything presented in the context of the truth of Scripture.
  • Available online; formatted for a smartphone.
  • Tithe based tuition: no loans; no debt. Instead build capital and gain job experience.
  • "Education based on Christianity is a matter of religious conviction required by Scripture."

Take notes online to earn course credits.

Your mentor will be Professor Dr. R.J. Rushdoony.

Beta 2

We now have:

- The website has been migrated to a new server and should provide sub-second response times.

- Google integrated search

- Course Catalog with Subjects and Courses

- 1174 Lessons transcribed and posted

Click on any of the links in the Course Catalog below for a list of Lessons in a particular Course or to read the online book.

Note: Not all Courses have been populated. For a complete list of lectures see our Category:Lesson, Audio Course Catalog, Lesson Catalog, or the original Pocket College.

Note: The TimeStamp links in the Lessons will play the lecture from that point in the lessons but are active only if the audio at the top is started first.

Italicized links below are also followed an box with an arrow to indicate an online book authored by Dr. Rushdoony.

Course Catalog

Introduction to Institutes of Biblical Law
First Commandment
Second Commandment
Third Commandment
Fourth Commandment
Fifth Commandment
Sixth Commandment
Seventh Commandment
Eight Commandment
Ninth Commandment
Tenth Commandment
Doctrine of Authority

Creation According to the Scriptures
World History
A Christian Survey of World History
English History
American History to 1865
Aspects of American History
This Independent Republic Draft
Biblical Faith and American History
Church and Community in History
The Biblical Philosophy of History

Christian Education, Christian Schools
Christian Schools
Education as a Religious Discipline
Lectures on Education
Life or Death in the Schools
Philosophy of Christian Eduction in Christian Schools
The Philosophy of the Christian Curriculum
The Lives of Your Children at Stake
The Messianic Character of American Education
Rushdoony Expert Witness: Leeper Homeschool Trial Transcript

Christianity and Culture
Contemporary Cultural Ethics
What is the World Coming To?
Larceny in the Heart
Revolt Against Maturity

Humanism; Infallability; Money
Economics and the Doctrine of Man
Christianity and Capitalism

Christian Reconstruction
Christian Reconstruction
Christian Reconstruction and the Future
Christian Reconstruction vs. Humanism
Christian Resistance and Tools of Dominion
Van Til Draft
Gods Plan for Victory

Biblical Law and Society
Foundations of Social Order - Overview
Foundations of Social Order
The Foundations of Social Order
Godly Social Order - 1 Corinthians
In His Service: The Christian Calling to Charity
Power, Family, Community, and Law
Localism and the Police Power

Classroom Lectures - Jackson Seminary
History of Modern Philosophy
The One and the Many
History of Thought
Neo-Platonism vs. Christianity
By What Standard (Analysis of VanTil)
The Word of Flux

Human Nature in its First Estate
Human Nature in its Second Estate
Human Nature in its Third Estate
Human Nature in its Fourth Estate
The Cure of Souls
Philosphy of Freud
The Flight From Humanity
Intellectual Schizophrenia
Noble Savages

Christian Reconstruction vs. Humanism
Humanism; Infallability; Money
The Religion of Humanism
Green Paganism, Reconstructing the Church
World Orders: From Humanist to Christian
To Be As God
The Death of Meaning

Introduction to Institutes of Biblical Law
First Commandment
Second Commandment
Third Commandment
Fourth Commandment
Fifth Commandment
Sixth Commandment
Seventh Commandment
Eight Commandment
Ninth Commandment
Tenth Commandment
Promises of Law
Law in the Old Testament
Law in the New Testament
Church Law
Institutes of Biblical Law Volume 1
Institutes of Biblical Law Volume 3
Law and Dominion
Law and Life
Law and Liberty

Loss and Restoration of Justice

Studies in Early Genesis
Commentary on the Pentateuch: Genesis
Exodus; Unity of Law and Grace
Commentary on the Pentateuch: Exodus
Leviticus; The Law of Holiness and Grace
Commentary on the Pentateuch: Leviticus
Numbers; Faith, Law, and History
Commentary on the Pentateuch: Numbers
Commentary on the Pentateuch: Deuteronomy

Constitutional Studies
Obedience to God or Ceasar; A Christian Nation
Subversion and the United Nations
United States Constitution
World Orders: From Humanist to Christian
The Nature of the American System

Political Studies
Doctrine of Authority
Lectures - Politics and Liberty
Love, Justice, and Idealism
Our Threatened Freedom
Studies in Political Philosophy
Politics of Guilt and Pity
Total Crown Rights of Christ the King
This Independent Republic
The United States
Christianity and the State
The Future of the Conservative Movement

Millennial Studies
Hope for the Future
Postmillennialism in America
Studies in Eschatology - Zechariah
The Future and Wisdom
Chariots of Prophetic Fire

Religious Studies
Implications of Biblical Faith
Atheism of the Early Church
Mission of the Church
Religious Earthquake
Systematic Theology I
Systematic Theology II
The Mythology of Science

Conversations and Sermons
Easy Chair Series
Essential History
From the Easy Chair
Romans and Galatians
Hebrews James Jude
Critiquing Americas Fads, Myths, and Heresies
Profound Questions and Answers
Sermon on the Mount
The Sermon on the Mount
The Gospel of John
The Gospel of John
The Signs of John's Gospel

Doctrinal Studies
Expositional Lectures
Doctrine of Authority
Flight from Knowledge and Life
Sin and Perfection
Studies in the Incarnation
Salvation and Godly Rule
Salvation and Godly Rule
The Great Commision and the Spirit
The Satanic Alternative
Translation and Subversion

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